About Hidden Style

Hidden Style Store was born from the desire to create art without labels, we believe that the mix of Urban arts with fine arts results in fantastic contrasts.

Hidden Style is here to showcase never-before-seen styles with colors and effects combined with hand drawings and artificial intelligence.

Here, you’ll see art where inspiration originated from both urban graffiti and historic classical art inspired by renowned artists such as leonardo da vinci, van gogh and sandro-botticelli. Follow us, don’t let the art pass you by!

How did your nft journey begin?

It started in the pandemic (2020), when I decided to draw in my spare time. After that, I started selling shirts with my print. And they were selling well. When the opportunity to sell NFTs on Solana blockchain with low fees came up, so I started at solsea market place, to my surprise NFTs started selling well. Since then I realized that I can work on what I like! Now I dream that my art will conquer the world.

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