Investor Whale
NFT collection

Represents the visionary people of the crypto world. Visionaries who became legends, for seeing beyond the common people. All arts are unique and represent analogies and situations in an investor’s life. This limited edition collection is in development by an artist with an undisclosed identity. Follow us on instagram @hiddenstylestore, do not let the art go!!

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This NFT collection was created on the solana blockchain, a part of the NFTs was placed on and another part of the Magic Eden marketplace.

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What can I do with my Whale?

It’s yours. You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a Commercial Exploitation License. For example: You can make an exhibition with your NFTs.

What is Slow Nft Concept?

They are NFTs designed one by one by the artist. They are not created by a random algorithm. This takes more work and time to create. But the result is a differentiated collection.

Who is the team behind Investor Whale?

The team, for now, is just one artist, who dreams of seeing his work recognized in the world.

Why should you get an Investor Whale?

In addition to a piece of art that combines AI with hand-drawn designs, you’re getting a truly distinctive NFT. Each whale is totally different from the other. Other collections sell more of the same.

Evil Dragon Whale