Rocker Cactus Club NFT collection

Shows how the life of a solitary cactus can be so hectic! Yes, it’s with a lot of Rock N Roll. Join in Rocker Cactus Club. The collection is starting with 22 NFTs, our goal is to reach more NFTs with different scenarios and cultures, plus a lot of Rock and Roll.

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This NFT collection was created on the solana blockchain and placed on the marketplace.

What can I do with my Cactus?

It’s yours. You own it outright and are free to use it however you like under a Commercial Exploitation License.

Who is the team behind Rocker Cactus Club?

The team, for now, is just one artist, who dreams of seeing his work recognized in the world.

Why should you get an Rocker Cactus?

In addition to a piece of art that combines AI with hand-drawn designs, you’re getting a funny NFT. Be part of an amazing rocker community!

Be part of an amazing rocker community! Be a Rocker. Join us.